RA850 Reciprocator Attachment

Where operators want a robust and safe solution for weed control and grass cutting, without the risk of throwing rocks and stones. Fits 325iLK, 535LK, 525RJD, 524LK and 129LK.
$ 349.00
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Features include:

  • Safer than trimmer line and blade (does not throw stones)
  • True reciprocating action (similar to a hedge trimmer)
  • Possible to control weed in gravel
  • Ideal for trimming sand bunker edges around golf courses
  • Compatible with petrol combi machines (up to 25cc) and battery combi machines in the near future.

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Stocked Brands

  • Brigs and Straton
  • Can-Am
  • Cromlins
  • Jetpilot
  • Kohler
  • Sea-Doo
  • Toro