The 572 XP® has a better power-to-weight ratio than any other Husqvarna saw with similar displacement, and 12% higher cutting capacity than previous equivalent models. Excellent cooling and heavy-duty filtration mean great performance, while smart design and easy operation keep productivity high even with long guide bars. With AutoTune™, Air Injection™ and low vibration, it’s built to deliver all day long.
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Higher cutting capacity

New engine design offers a wide usable RPM range for peak performance even under heavy loads. 12% higher cutting capacity (compared to previous models in the same cc-range) makes the saw ideal for productive operation – even when using long guide bars.

Excellent cooling capacity

Our new cooling system is optimised in every detail to give you a reliable chainsaw for any situation, and longer engine life.

AutoTune™ II

10 times quicker air/fuel mix adjustment with AutoTune™ II ensures a correctly tuned engine setting and optimised engine performance in all conditions. Automatically compensates for different fuels, altitudes, humidity, temperature and dirt in the air filter.

Heavy duty filtration system

572 XP® carries – as standard – a large surface heavy duty filter for longer and better filtration. The filter has a larger filtration area compared to previous generation. Providing a chainsaw with a healthier engine optimised for long working hours.

Air Injection™

Advanced centrifugal air cleaning system which removes the majority of dust and woodchips before it enters the air filter, resulting in smoother operation, longer intervals between filter cleans & reduced wear on the engine.

Ergonomic handle design

The rear handle is asymmetrically designed with a rubber inlay for a more stable and less tiring grip, while still allowing you flexibility while you work.

Soft cut-out system

The innovative system for engine control is designed for providing a long engine life. The system monitors the engine and assures that the engine always is protected from over-revving.

Better chip ejection

The clutch cover is designed to optimise rapid, safe saw chip ejection. Prevents clogging, even when cutting long bre wood.

Engine specifications
Cylinder displacement 70.6 cc
Cylinder bore 48 mm / 1.89”
Cylinder stroke 39 mm / 1.54”
Power output 4.3 kW
Maximum power speed 9900 rpm
Maximum recommended engine speed 13300rpm
Carburettor Zama C1M-140054D
Fuel tank volume 0.7 litre
Fuel consumption 429g/kWh
Oil tank volume 0.4 litre
Oil pump type Adjustable flow
Oil pump capacity 5-22 ml/min
Ignition system SEM AM50COT
Ignition module air gap 0.3 mm / 0.01”
Idling speed 2700 rpm
Spark plug Husqvarna HQT-1
Electrode gap 0.5 mm / 0.02 "
RPM limiter Yes
Torque, max. 4.5 Nm @ 8200 rpm
Air filter type Felt HD
Engine Husqvarna 2-stroke oil
Chain / Bar Husqvarna Bar & Chain Oil
Guide Bar Sprocket Husqvarna Bearing Grease
Vibration & noise data
Equivalent vibration level (ahv.eq) front / rear handle 5.0 / 4.1 m/s²
Sound Pressure level, dB(A) 107 dB(A)
Sound Power level (LWA), db(A) 120 db(A)
Cutting equipment
Standard bar length 20”
Chain pitch 3/8”
Chain gauge .058”
Chain speed at 133% Max power speed 29.3 m/s
Overall dimensions
Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 6.6kg
Oil filter Yes

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